Ball Looping

The system for interactive amusement in your ballpond. Children can throw the balls in a transparent ball-collector.The transparent hose will suck-up the balls and transport the balls through the balltransporter and out into the transport hose. You can install the hose onto the nettingconstruction. Create a looping at the end of the hose and the place the end of the tube in your ballpond. The children will be under a shower of balls.

You must install the ballcollector (high) above the ballpond. Make sure that the children can’t reach the ballcollector.

Especially the design of the ball-Looping System and the choice of colours have attributed to an enormous success. This makes the Ballpool an even greater adventure for children to play.

Safety All used components are tested and comply with all the European CE Norms for electricity and directives for Electric Machines.


The Ball-Looping System comprises of the following components:
  • Transparent Ball-collector incl. fixing connections
  • A balltransporter in silentbox (install on top of your construction)
  • 10 meter transp. Suction hose diam.165mm
  • 10 meter transp. Transport hose diam.165mm
A simple but effective solution to up-grade your playarea.