Ball Moving

Through transparent tubes the balls circulate along the contours ofthe Ballpool.This creates activity among children and creates visual amusement for the adults andother visitors.

The BallRocket is the latest addition to our innovative play solutions,and offers a simple yet effective addition to any playarea.
It is a free standing unit into which kids place individual balls which are caught in a powerfull air stream which propels them through the top of the tube and allows them to rain down, back into the playarea.

Funto watch for all ages.

The Ballgooglyis an interactive playsolution to get all your ballsback into the ballpond.
Children will be attracted to the design and place the balls in one inlet so that the will be transported through transparent hoses back into the ballpond.This playsolution is for children till 6-8 years young.

This ballgoogly "CHAT"caracter is custom-made for Ballorig's indoor playarea's