Ball Washing

A complete cleaning system for cleaning and disinfecting of the balls in the Ballpool

Ballpool ball cleaning system BBW2015:
We pride ourselves on being the premier supplier of interactive
Ball activities, and of course our special cleaning system for ballpool balls to
Cleaning companies s.a. ISS, Attraction Parks, Ikea & the FEC's all over the world.


Hygiene and safety in the ballponds are one of your top priorities,
particulary in this day and age where they are considered of great
importance.Thanks to our ballcleaning system, you can now stay on top of this
problem at all times.

It is a fact that regular maintenance and cleaning of ballponds are an
absolute necessity.This can be done on a weekly basis or leaving longer
intervals depending on the attendance. Please consult the experts, they can tell you exactly when a Ballpond should be cleaned.


Research by the faculty of Chemistry,Environment and Technics (of the
IJsell and university ) has concluded that using the Van Veen design
Ballwashing system the balls benefits a reduction of ± 75% of the
bacteria.(without using a cleanser/disinfecting fluid).


Method of use
The ball sanitisation system of our company is extremely easy to use ,easy to move from place to place & made of high quality materials using top technology, this guarantees an
efficient and long lasting machine.


Public Relations
The BBW2015 shows your customers that you are committed to state-of-the-art Ballpool cleaning, and better hygiene for their children.


The BBW2015 features new and improved technology at low cost.


Labour Savings
BBW2015 cleans balls at speeds of at least 15.000 balls per hour. Imagine the time and labor savings!



Designed & constructed by professionals with safety in mind.

Causes how your ballpool can be contaminated
The Ballpool can be contaminated by sneezing, coughing children or even by diapers that are undone or plasters on wounds that come off. Accidents happen daily.
You name it …..infection is everywhere.


The BBW2015 and Interactive Ball-transporters are made by Ballpool.CZ spol s r.o. , manufacturer since 1994 and recognized worldwide for its product innovations and service to customers.
The Ball cleaning machine:BBW2015( color = Yellow;)

The machine consists of the following parts;
-5 meter transparent hose incl. handle
-Ball suctuion Unit for balls with a diameter of 60-80mm
-1,5 meter transport hose(connection from suction-unit to ball cleaner
-wash unit incl. 1 brush for diam. 60mm or 75mm balls. or 80mm (correct size is important)
-Inox Ballcollector left&right
-INOX Bumper to protect the suction unit


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