BallPool Cleaning

BallPool Cleaning

We are the inventor of this special ball cleaning system and have produced it since 1994.

A few very important items that you need to be aware of:

  • Minimum of water is 100 liter
  • The balls must dry in the netting for at least a few hours. The detergent needs to do his job.
  • Before you put the balls back in the pool, you must vacuum  the pool and clean it
  • Our mobile version weighs 60kg when empty
  • The dimensions excl. hoses 125x67x 120cm
  • Plug in and Work
  • You can clean at least 20.000 balls per hour
  • For each ball diameter we have developed a brush. Make a choice for 75mm  or 80mm balls?

We innovated and below  the main innovations:

  • 15cm higher for a better ergonomic workers-position behind the machine to collect the balls
  • Extra protection bumper
  • New electromagnetic-switches with “Emergency” button