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Launched on 20 April 1994

MANUFACTURER and INVENTOR of this special Ball Pool ball washing system . BallPit cleaning. Baellereinigungs system.
Playpen balls sanitisation system. Cleans up to 20,000 balls per hour. Dutch Quality and Design.

Ballpool ball cleaning system BBW2020:

Ballpool is an international authoritative brand in Air-Dynamics. With an innovative way to produce air pressure and air-volume.The ballpool can be used for 1001 purposes and is specially suited for the Leisure Industry. the secret of ballpool is that each product has been developed in such a way that it can be used for special purpose and that it leads to the best results. Ballpool also stands for selection of unwise excellent products with a gigantic Fun-factor for active and creative children.times.

It is a fact that regular maintenance and cleaning of ballponds are an absolute necessity.This can be done on a weekly basis or leaving longer intervals depending on the attendance. Please consult the experts, they can tell you when a Ball Pond should be cleaned.